Aug 092018

How To Grow Unlimited Amounts Of Blueberries In Your Backyard

How To Grow Unlimited Amounts Of Blueberries In Your Backyard

Blueberries health benefits include improving cognitive function, treating urinary tract infection, preventing cancer, slowing aging process, fighting diabetes, a good source of vitamins and minerals, supporting healthy heart, promoting healthy immunity, enhancing the skin, supporting healthy eyes, and reducing risk of high blood pressure.

Amazing Health Benefits of Blueberries

1. Improved Cognitive Function
2. Urinary Tract Infection
3. Cancer Prevention
4. Anti Aging
5. Vitamins and Minerals
6. A Healthy Heart
7. Healthy Immunity

How to Grow Limitless Blueberries

Growing organic blueberries is a lot easier than people think. While most varieties take 3 years from seeds to producing fruit (so if you were hoping to use them in a blueberry pie for next week’s family get together, you might want to call Aunt Sue and take a rain check), you can talk to your local gardening depot or nursery about buying a baby plant instead. Whatever you decide, use these expert tips to get your own organic blueberries in no time!

Find a suitable place

You need to find a suitable place to plant the blueberries in your garden since they need a lot of sunlight and a high-quality soil. The soil will support the process of photosynthesis, which on the other hand requires a lot of sunlight.

If your garden is large then the raised beds would be perfect choice since the water will run through the soil providing it with the necessary moisture. If you are in a flat you can purchase a patio container.

Blueberries Love Space

Your blueberry is a bush and it will need a space of up to 6 ft for it to grow properly.
If you decide to grow two blueberry bushes, then you need to give them a space allowance of between 2.5 to 3 ft.

The Planting Process

In most world countries, it is best to plant the blueberry bush in fall or spring. Ruffle the roots with the hands, and put it in the soil, add more soil around them, and pat down the top soil layer. Then, water it well as it is shallow-rooted, and needs to be hydrated.

The soil should be well drained. The ideal soil for this bush is acidic, with 5.0 pH value.


For optimum effects, make use of sawdust, but you can use pine bark also, rind mulch, acid trip or lawn clipping. Apply 2-4 wreaths to preserve the dampness from the soil and stop the development of weeds.

Repeat this once a full year, and remember never to use rinds or sawdust from redwood or cedar tree.

Get Your Blueberry Bush Pruned

Prune your blueberry bush frequently when it starts to grow to allow for the growth of stronger branches.
Pruning will ensure that your blueberry bush grows to its optimal capacity, while you get to stop it from developing too much fruit; which can make the bush grow small fruits, rather than much larger and juicier ones.
To prune you can use a very strong scissors to cut off branches closer to the soil and also dead ones.
Cut off short and discolored branches.
You should ultimately cut off between a third to half of the branches of your blueberry bush.

Soil Fertilization

You should always use organic fertilizers in order to prevent damage of the bushes. They also fertilize the plant for a longer time and are environment- friendly and non-toxic.

Pick the early spring season for fertilization, when the leaves are breaking from dormancy, and once more after the process of pruning.

If grown in this way, the bushes will live and produce for at least 4-5 decades. Furthermore, you can also try to plant at least two different varieties of the fruits for cross pollination to boost the yield.

These tips will be of great help if you want to grow your own blueberry bushes at home and enjoy the taste and all the health benefits of these amazing fruits.